artist profile, Chidi Okoye, art, artists, vancouver, canada, nigeria, africa

artist profile, Chidi Okoye, art, artists, vancouver, canada, nigeria, africa  pic6

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Artist Profile

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artist profile, Chidi Okoye, art, artists, vancouver, canada, nigeria, africa pic44



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Artist Profile

Artist Profile - Chidi Okoye Find ARTIST PROFILE of a Nigerian Vancouver BC based sculptor, painter, poet and author Chidi Okoye. Whose unique and colorful expressions are simply pride of Africa at

artist profile, Chidi Okoye, art, artists, vancouver, canada, nigeria, africa

artist profile, Chidi Okoye, art, artists, vancouver, canada, nigeria, africa pic33

Chidi A. Okoye

 Sculptor :: Painter :: Poet :: Author 

Nigerian born, Chidi A. Okoye graduated with a distinction in sculpture (Higher National Diploma) from the Institute of Management and Technology in Enugu, Nigeria, in 1988. For the next six years he taught sculpture and drawing at Federal Polytechnic Oko Anambra State Nigeria. During this period, he created an outstanding collection, not only sculpting, but painting and writing as well. In Nigeria, He had his national solo exhibition “Textures of Life” and launching of his book “Lamentation” at national museum Lagos in 1993 sponsored by Mobil Producing Nigeria. Okoye is as famous for his poetry as for his painting and sculpture.

                   In 1994 Okoye moved to Vancouver, Canada, where he immediately became involved in a number of projects promoting international artistic exchange and was a leading light in the local Black creative community. Okoye believes that his art offers him a chance of relating to his environment, complementing the beauty of nature with man-made forms and images, which spring from his ancestral culture. He combines the strength, uniqueness and dynamism of his heritage with a technically skilled understanding of the power of forms, feeling and materials to create works, which continue to thrill audiences.

Nigerian Artist :: African Painter :: African Sculptor 

                    The wide appeal of his works seems to lie in its identifiably African approach to colors and lines, but with an ability to turn his distinctive style to a wide rage of subjects. Okoye’s paintings and sculpture have been praised for their capacity to raise awareness of important socio-political issues without resorting to militancy.

                    He participated in various creative competitions, like those to design posters for the Festival Sundiata in Seattle, which he won in 1995, 1996 and Sundiata best artist of the Year 1998. He designed a poster and logo, “Spirit of the Nation”, for the Canadian Heritage Art Society in Victoria BC in 1997. He designed and created an award statues for Black Historical Society in Vancouver BC in 1999, also in 1999 won first prize in the Co-op Radio Poster Competition in Vancouver BC.

                    In 2001 Okoye came to Atlanta where he has been actively involved in the creative art community. He won the first prize, South Fulton County Gallery Best Artist of the year 2002. He has participated in the jury art shows of National Black Art Festival Atlanta from 2002 to 2004. He recently executed Award commission for 2004 Clark Atlanta University ADVANCE Leadership Award. Chidi collaborated with Nelson Mandela in Unity Series in 2004.

African Poet :: Vancouver based Artist :: Nigerian Poet

                   Apart from being the artist of numerous sold-out limited editions Chidi’s works have won the admiration of local and international collectors. Among his long list of works in private and public collection are in Delta Airline Atlanta, Water Resources, Atlanta; Resurrection Life Center Montgomery Alabama; President office, University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC; Villa Benzi, Caerano, Italy; Enugu State University Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki, Nigeria, Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu; Federal Polytechnic Oko, Nigeria; Mobil Producing Nigeria Head office Logos, Nigeria to mention a few.

                   Among His long list of solo and group exhibitions includes his most recent international group exhibition “ The Nelson Mandela Unity Series, World Economic Forum, January 26th 2005 in Davos, Switzerland.

African Artist :: Vancouver based Author :: Nigerian Artist

Author of "Songs of Silence" collection of poems and images 2012; available in paper back and e-book in all major online bookstores and "Lamentation" thoughts and images  1993
On going book project "In the Spirit of Dance"

artist profile, Chidi Okoye, art, artists, vancouver, canada, nigeria, africa pic22 artist profile, Chidi Okoye, art, artists, vancouver, canada, nigeria, africa pic09
"Songs of Silence" "Lamentation"
Check out more of Chidi's works @


I plan to empower youths with truth of immigrant experience — Chidi Okoye  Nigerian Vanguard 2012

These are what some art critics have to say about Chidi and his creations:

“… These art works express universal emotions, contemporary forms, and the global idealism of their creator” The Georgia Straight July 6 2000

"His works are very colorful."  Afro News, Vancouver, BC, April 1997

"His paintings are noble, vivid, honest and poetic."  Diversity News, Seattle USA, November 1995

". . . is a welcome addition to the lower mainland's Black community and his contribution to the arts in BC does our community proud. "Afro News, Vancouver.  September 1995

". . . he represents a new generation of artists who are taking steps further from the black power and identity concerns of their predecessors to embrace a global identity."  Diversity News, Seattle, USA, November 1995

“ . . . provides strong contrasts in feeling and use of the medium."  Burnaby Now, Burnaby, BC, 1995

". . . his art is not only an exploration of visual aesthetics but a creative search for the enthronement of saner values based on man's respect of his inheritance."  Vanguard, Nigeria, October 1993

"A personified trinity of competence, prestige and influence in his career."  The Guardian, Nigeria 1993

". . . a sculptor whose creative instances are clearly channeled towards a reflection of both his contemporary and cultural heritage."  Daily Times, Nigeria, April 3 1993

  "The works are apt reflections of both an artistic use of materials and the use of wood, stone, metal and concrete to represent the aesthetic dimension of the world view of Africa." Daily Times, Nigeria 1993.

"Okoye's thoughts and feelings as an African are deeply expressed in his art works."  Sunday Champion, January 24 1993

  "Concept and execution of his works features extensive creativity."  The Champion, Nigeria, January 1993

  "This social relevance of art works in terms of messages they convey, is the thrust of his new book Lamentation."  The Guardian, 1993

  "Chidi manages wood, metal, fiber glass and cement with great efficiency that one wonders if Chidi was born to rule these materials."  Mobil News, Nigeria, December 1993

  “ . . . an artist with a mission for cultural re-armament."  The Guardian, Nigeria 1993

  "Besides being socially conscious in the works, Chidi is a cultural irredentist."  The Guardian, Nigeria 1993

  “ . . . a cry of a man who has seen a solution to the problems of the society."  The Outlook, Nigeria, August 23, 1992



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artist profile, Chidi Okoye, art, artists, vancouver, canada, nigeria, africa

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